Quality staff clean up..

We look after Lawrence Cleaning staff – so  that they in turn look after Lawrence Cleaning clients –

Christine’s  testimony

They are an excellent family company to work for, providing high standards  of care for both customers and staff. I feel a valued member of the Lawrence cleaning team, and the customer Griffiths & Pegg are always appreciative of the efficient friendly service we provide them

Christine Hayes  2-6-2017 – ( employed for 7  years)

All staff  our staff are directly employed by Lawrence Cleaning Ltd- they have their own sites so that a good working relationship of trust and understanding develops.

Staff are  site specifically trained to ensure that they understand the needs and requirements of your individual site.- ensures confidence and site work practices.

They are  evaluated prior to employment  by a rigorous interview process and then matched to individual sites- personality to suit clients workplace- creating harmony not discord.

Staff are fully DBS checked where required – ensures safety processes are adhered to.

Contract Managers are allocated to each site – building a good working relationship

Clients have direct  access for contact- as do cleaning staff –  creates a quick response and proactive attitude.

Regular audits and reporting to designated person to suit client – confirming our commitment to quality – verified and reported

Mobile staff – trained for specific coverage- delivers consistent high standards of cleaning

Fully uniformed staff who are continuously assessed for performance with ongoing training & development- they represent not only our company but yours.

Employee engagement is a priority.  All staff are appreciated and receive birthday cards, Christmas cards,  and messages of thanks when deserved. Praise where praise is due – what we as human beings need to feel respected and appreciated


For more information – contact us at sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk – 01902 663727

Black Country experts clean up-


Black Country experts clean up-

Leading the way – The cleaning management experts Lawrence Cleaning are cleaning up in the Black Country.

With a very successful 2016, the Dudley based company are pleased to have secured new cleaning contracts of many high profile companies throughout the year.

Incorporated  in 1983, they  are a thriving third generation family commercial cleaning business. Building upon their strong family values,  they  work together with their well trained staff  to create a positive, clean and healthy  working environment for the staff and visitors of their clients.

Their friendly and approachable manner makes them easy to deal with and many clients have been with them for over 15 years.  Director Deb Lawrence says “communication is the key . Once we understand the specific needs of the client we can progress to set up schedules and timings to deliver the agreed cleaning services. Cleaning is not generic- what is priority to a school would not be the same for a manufacturer.”

By investing in their staff and hiring for attitude they encourage commitment, accountability and a responsibility to deliver their best.  “ Our staff are our biggest investment” says Paul Lawrence MD, we understand that with our support and a site specific  training programme they are encouraged to give their best at all times. Their colleagues who cover for absences and holidays are also introduced on to the site by the manager so a consistent  quality of cleaning is maintained.

All in all the company is expanding rapidly, but has not lost sight that reputation and trust in the cleaning sector are all important, and the best recommendation  is ‘word of mouth’.  To that end they continue to restore faith in people who have suffered  poor experiences with other  contract cleaners.

Their  mission is ‘To become the West Midlands foremost commercial cleaning company. Recognised as an inspiring and respected cleaning company who are renowned for excellent cleaning services, delivered through their people, performance and partnerships.’

By working with them you will find that

~ Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference~

Contact them either on 01902 663727 for a no obligation quotation – or sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk


Lawrence Cleaning shines in positive partnership

Black Country Chamber of Commerce is celebrating Lawrence Cleaning as Member of the Week after the family run cleaning firm recently achieved a 30% increase in annual turnover, which they aim to double over the course of the next two years. In addition, this growth in turnover is complimented by an increase in staffing levels, which have grown by 12% to just under 200 cleaning staff.

Based in Dudley, Lawrence Cleaning provide quality commercial cleaning services to a variety of clients throughout the West Midlands, from education and training providers through to manufacturing companies and healthcare practices. As a business, Lawrence Cleaning pride themselves upon a set of core values and principles that they instil within their staff, which ultimately enables them to consistently exceed their clients’ expectations. These principles are further substantiated by the fact that the company do not rely on agency staff, instead employing cleaners directly in order to maintain their reputation and ensure consistency.

Debra Lawrence, Sales and Marketing Director at Lawrence Cleaning, commented: “Lawrence Cleaning are delighted with the increases in both turnover and staff over the last year. Much of our success is down to staff engagement. We employ staff for their positive attitude and work ethic, then teach cleaning skills and all that it encompasses. We feel that if we look after our staff, they will look after our clients in the way that we want them to, and it is a win-win situation. As we move into 2017, our ambitions for growth in both turnover and staff will continue along an upward trajectory.”

“With regards to the Black Country Chamber, we have found that being a member of The Platinum Group Service Sector has been invaluable to us as a business, essentially giving us the confidence to manage our growth ambitions in a structured and effective manner. The support that we have received from other members within The Group, as well as Gail Arnold and Jayne Shields, has proven to be a great asset to us and is certainly one of the best investments we have made as a business in recent years. In particular, being a member of The Platinum Group has helped us to raise our profile in the community and form strong business connections with other like-minded local companies, whilst being able to share best practice in a confidential setting.”

Black Country Chamber of Commerce wants to support businesses to grow and succeed, and Member of the Week is an initiative to celebrate the great work that our members are doing and to highlight the success stories in the local area.

Contact Lawrence Cleaning on 01902 663727

If you would like more information about Black Country Chamber of Commerce membership, please contact us on 0330 024 0820 or visit www.blackcountrychamber.co.uk. For more information about Lawrence Cleaning please visit www.lawrencecleaning.co.uk.  

Family values make Lawrence Cleaning great.

We are family’ – great title for a song- but is it a great idea to be in business with your nearest and dearest?

The definition of a ‘Family Business’ is described as ‘ the family’ owning the significant share and being the main influencer in important decisions.

Although building and maintaining a family business can be a complex and difficult task, there are 204,098 of these businesses making up 52% of West Midlands business in total- contributing £81 billion to the UK exchequer annually.

Poor survival rates are often the results of family issues including intergenerational conflicts, relationship/emotional stress and sibling rivalry. Indeed according to Joseph Astrachon, editor of Family Business Review, a mere 30% of family run business survive to be run by 2nd generation , whilst only 10% by a third.

So what elements go towards making family firms successful ?

Common values – similar ethos and beliefs on how things should be done, with an extra sense of pride and purpose to give a competitive edge.

Strong Commitment- more likely to put in extra hours and effort needed to build a successful and lasting family enterprise as it is emotionally charged.

Loyalty – sticking together through hard times due to the impact business makes on family life. Also it is more of a life style business than an occupation- not so easy to just walk out to get a job.

Stability – a long term view to build growth for future generations- making decisions in house rather than including investors who want to make a quick profit.

Decreased costs- family will often make financial sacrifices and defer their wages in a cash flow crisis, in order to stabilise the business for future growth.

A successful approach is when roles held by everyone are specified and committed to paper, with information on everything from job descriptions to performance goals and compensation covered in detail.

At Lawrence Cleaning, we are a third generation family run firm, one of the many family run businesses that make up the backbone of the UK economy . Proud of our heritage as a Black Country business with the next generation waiting in the wings -we are proud of our 34 year history. By building upon an existing strong foundation, we are destined to rank among those with long term viability, and future growth.

Contact us at sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk http://www.lawrencecleaning.co.uk

01902 663727

Great dental surgery cleaning-stops you feeling ‘down in the mouth’

Dental Surgery Cleaning

Dental practices need to demonstrate that they provide and maintain a clean and appropriate environment that facilitates the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has recently tightened their regulations. Dental practices, hospitals and doctors surgeries must meet the CQC standards in order to become registered. If a healthcare surgery does not comply with these required standards, the CQC has the authority to prevent it from operating.

At Lawrence Cleaning, our trusted staff will create and maintain a safe and hygienic  environment for your patients and staff. By working to scheduled and detailed  cleaning schedules, which  are tailored to suit exact requirements and guarantees to mitigate the threat of harmful germs and bacteria.

Our highly skilled team of qualified cleaners has extensive experience in working with colour coded equipment and high quality products that are proven to prevent cross contamination and control infection.

Lawrence Cleaning provides the ideal cleaning solution. We work closely with you to create a cleaning programme that satisfies your specific requirements, without any disruption to your working schedule.

Lawrence Cleaning customers are guaranteed:

  • Well trained uniformed staff- employed by ourselves ensuring quality holiday and absence cover
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring and regular audits- to ensure best cleaning standards are constant
  • Staff fully trained in COSHH & Health and Safety- and flexible to surgery requirements
  • Quality products with anti bac agents and colour coded equipment to prevent cross infection

Get Best value for money cleaning- specifically tailored to be a practical solution for surgeries.

For a free consultation to discuss your cleaning requirements visit www.lawrencecleaning.co.uk  and let us help you to give your customers  the best experience possible.

Advise or a no obligation quotation – call us on 01902 663727


Black Country Christmas greetings


At Lawrence Cleaning we are very proud to be deliver our cleaning services throughout  the Black Country to a wide range of different businesses.

The Black Country heritage grows from our industrial background of forging metal , chain making and glass production.

Do you know that the flag that represents the area was designed by school girl Gracie Sheppard  – it’s design was inspired by Elihill Burrit, who once described the region as “Black by day and red by night”


The chains represent a typical product manufactured in the region. the white symbol in the middle represents the Redhouse glass cone in Stourbridge, and it’s glass making heritage.

The area is going from strength to strength with its feet a firm foundation  placed in the hard working, industrious past and it’s head looking forward with new innovation and the entrepreneurs creating new businesses that will continue to grow and thrive.

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CQC compliant cleaning-by Lawrence Cleaning

Quality proven with -100 % CQC compliance for cleaning standards at local surgery.-October 2016-

–The cleanliness of any healthcare environment is important to implement infection control, protecting patients and staff in your workplace. It also ensures patient confidence in the service that you are providing-.

Lawrence Cleaning understands the CQC  requirements and will ensure that you pass the CQC inspections.

Our fully flexible, confidential service is tailored precisely for your health centre . This leaves health centre personnel free to get on with their day-to-day duties safe in the knowledge that they are delivering healthcare services which are clean and fit for purpose.

With our proven expertise in delivering and managing your CQC compliant cleaning services , we offer;

  • A specific cleaning plan, discussed and individually tailored for your practice .
  • An auditable paper trail of cleaning times and areas,
  • Colour coded equipment to help prevent the spread of infection.
  • Accountability of cleaning staff and their managers
  • Good supervision to ensure key practices are implemented appropriately.
  • Regular communication with the practice manager or GP, ensuring a proactive approach to the maintenance of the appropriate standards of cleanliness.
  • Advice on all Health & Safety issues , COSHH and the introduction of new and better anti bacterial products when available.


Lawrence Cleaning  has been providing high specification cleaning services for the healthcare sector for over 30 years. By delivering a cleaning strategy that covers all key elements and functional areas, we can help you to combat healthcare associated infections whilst achieving a safe and welcoming environment for staff, patients and visitors.

For advice contact 01902 663727 – sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk – we can help








clean hands prevent germs

Handwashing day hilights good habits

October 15 is Global Handwashing Day,a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

For hand washing to be effective it must be practiced consistently at key times, such as after using the toilet or before contact with food. While habits must be developed over time, this theme emphasizes the importance of hand washing as a ritual behavior for long-term sustainability. Habit formation is currently a hot topic in behavior change and the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector. This theme taps into that interest and is also a gateway to discussing what the sector knows about how habits are formed.

Hand washing is like a “do-it-yourself” vaccine—it involves five simple and effective steps (Wet, Lather, Scrub, Rinse, Dry) you can take to reduce the spread of diarrhoea and respiratory illness so you can stay healthy. Regular hand washing, particularly before and after certain activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it can keep us all from getting sick. Hand washing is a win for everyone, except the germs.

Teaching children about hand washing is not just important to keep them healthy in childhood, but all through life. Through repetition you can create a lifelong behaviour which has long term benefits.

Why not make it a game ;

Have child sing a fun song while washing to help mark the time, so he/she knows just how long to wash (15-20 seconds).- i.e “Happy Birthday to you ….”

Keep a hand washing chart and encourage the child to see how many squares he/she can fill in. (The emphasis should be positive, never shaming — “Look what you did, wow!”)

Refer to a printable poster, or homemade poster, that shows the proper steps for hand washing. Make a game out of following each step.  You can approach it quiz style, “What do we do first? ….And what’s Step Two?” Or just be silly, “Okay, first we ….dry our hands– right? No?”

We share more common surfaces,such as phones hand rails and door handles, with more people than ever before in history.” Enclosed environments—like the workplace—where people are working or interacting in close proximity with one another are particularly at higher risk of the spread of germs. Poor hygiene will lead to increased illness and can result in disruption cost, lost productivity, reduced employee efficiency through illness at work and lower morale.

A simple act of hand washing can prevent the spread of colds and flu, and save thousands of lost hours for businesses ..Encourage good hand hygiene for your health and those of those around you.

For more information or advice contact us-sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk



Great cleaning company celebrates 33 years in contract cleaning

Rising stars of cleaning hit the Big Time

West Midlands cleaning experts take centre stage with contract win for Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

 When Debra Lawrence, Sales Director of Lawrence Cleaning, met the Finance Director of the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre at a networking event, they hit it off and set the scene for an exciting new partnership between the two companies, in line with the theatre’s upcoming changes.

“We have been established for over 30 years and have added yet another string to the Lawrence Cleaning bow with the Wolverhampton Grand, who we are incredibly excited to work with! As a company, we thrive on building relationships both with our clients and staff and it was our strong communication skills, coupled with our proven track record as local cleaning management experts that led to us winning the contract,” said Debra.

The contract announcement goes hand in hand with the spectacular £1.5m regeneration of the Wolverhampton Grand, which is set to become a key social venue in the city and encourage people from all walks of life to visit at leisure throughout the day. As well as hosting its regular performances, the theatre will provide meeting areas and social spaces to sit and relax, facilitate graduation ceremonies and one off shows.

“We are keen to enhance theatre’s glowing reputation by providing the very highest levels of cleaning excellence. We will be working closely with the Wolverhampton Grand to implement and schedule proven success processes to maximise efficiency and ultimately offer an enhanced theatre-going experience,” said Debra of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited company, showing its ongoing commitment to high levels of customer service by achieving industry specific standards.

As part of its strategy, Lawrence Cleaning will be investing in the theatre’s six transferring staff members, offering new equipment to facilitate modern cleaning techniques, refresher training and regular team meetings. Staff will also be able to voice their ideas through involvement in the business’ day-to-day decision making.

“Since 1983, Lawrence Cleaning has had a strong family ethos and it’s really important to us that our staff enjoy their work and feel valued. We are tackling the Wolverhampton Grand’s cleaning from all angles and part of this is ensuring that as a team, we all work towards the same goals and give everyone equal opportunities to contribute their ideas,” said Paul Lawrence, Managing Director of Lawrence Cleaning.

But Lawrence Cleaning is no stranger to spotlights and curtain calls either, as Paul explains, “I have performed on the Grand’s stage myself, directed the music, have the cleaning expertise and have been a paying customer. As a company we recognise the importance of an immaculate, upmarket environment and can empathise with everyone who experiences the theatre, whatever the time of day.

“A clean environment is an immediate expectation from customers and we will work closely with the Wolverhampton Grand to help it become recognised as a jewel in the crown of Wolverhampton.”

With the contract due to start on Monday 10 October, you can keep up to date with all things Lawrence Cleaning by following the company on Twitter @Lawrenceclean. Visit lawrencecleaning.co.uk and find out about its full range of commercial cleaning services or call 01902 663 727 to speak to a member of its friendly team.


Missing out on ‘Best Value’ services?

Best Value was introduced in England and Wales by the Local Government Act 1999, with its  provisions coming  into force in April 2000. The aim was to improve local services in terms of both cost and quality: The act depicts the  many areas that councils should be looking out to ensure Best Value is achieved.

Take it a step further and ask  how  you can ensure  that services that you are buying in, achieve that Best Value standard.

Cleaning services are one of the many options that clients  buy in to ensure their  business works on all fronts. Contract cleaners should deliver a safe, clean and hygienic workplace for employees and visitors alike – tailored specifically to fit the clients needs.

Negotiate with the cleaning companies to get the best possible cleaning service by coming into negotiations prepared, so you have an idea of what you require from them.

Take the following steps in order to stay in control of proceedings:

  1. Work out clear negotiation points. 

From the outset, you should clarify the specific areas of negotiation and obtain agreement from the other side that these will be the matters discussed. If the purchase is particularly large or important, you could agree on a written agenda for you and the supplier, with written heads of agreement covering specific aspects of the deal.

  1. Arm yourself with key facts.

If you can, obtain specific quotes from competitor suppliers and use these in negotiation. Make sure you have all the relevant info on the supplier you are dealing with, so you have their motivations and areas of weakness easily to hand.

  1. Insist on specifics.

Now is not the time for vague promises. Insist on specific details of proposed payment terms and conditions  service delivery and agreed standards from the supplier..

  1. Reveal only what you have to. 

Lay  your cards out on the table, regarding the specifics of the delivery of cleaning services that you require. Regarding costs only give enough information to keep discussions moving in the right direction without actually giving too much away.

  1. Confirm agreements at the time they are made. 

When you have agreed a particular point, write it down, and get the supplier to confirm that is what you agreed. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little time if you need to consider whether to agree to a particular point.

 Don’t be swayed by scare tactics.

 Remain unfazed by threats and take-it-or-leave-it approaches. More often than not, these are simply cheap tactics used by suppliers looking to pull a fast one.

How can I build a relationship with suppliers?

The negotiating tactics outlined above are only part of the equation; more generally, a friendly, professional and straightforward approach will earn you respect from the supplier and can result in more favourable terms.

Get to know the supplier and, if possible, meet them socially before you get down to business and establish some personal rapport. Be professional, pleasant and easy to deal with.

Look at all aspects of the supplier- social media and background can ascertain if there is a synergy between the companies

Foster ongoing relationships. If you have concluded a long-term deal with a supplier, get to know them better – visit their premises and meet key people, and invite senior figures into your meetings. Ensure they have contact details for anyone they will be dealing with.

Now you are armed with the tools to gain Best Value for your company- go get em !

For Best Value cleaning  contact us   http://www.lawrencecleaning.co.uk

Black Country Cleaners & Proud