Lawrence Cleaning celebrate 35 years in contract cleaning

Lawrence Cleaning celebrates 35 years of steady growth and financial success this year.

With foresight and a strong belief in customer relations, Winnie Lawrence formed Lawrence Cleaning in 1983. She won lucrative contracts and set the bar high. ”We’re a traditional family-run business with a thoroughly modern outlook” she says proudly. Despite three retirements, Winnie is still involved at the splendid age of 80. “Cleaning is in my blood” she declares, “and I take immense personal pride in a job well done.” This explains her insistence on excellence throughout the business and upon building close relationships with clients – a commitment her son, Paul, shares.

He joined the company in 1989, driving the business forward on the growing reputation his mother began. “We’re all in awe at her energy and determination’ he beams. In 2001, Paul bought the business and is now Managing Director. His wife Debra is Sales Director, their son, Alex, joined the company in 2010 just before they moved into Dudley and is now Operations Manager–  Including the indomitable Winnie, this marks three generations of family tradition.

Paul expanded the client base while continuing to offer personal service and bespoke services. “The family and all our workers are part of the same team,” he explains. “This is why I continue to  work with staff, setting the benchmark for them to work to and ensuring our high standards are maintained.”

Demonstrating accountability for those standards, in 2010 Paul achieved Quality accreditation ISO9001 and Environmental accreditation ISO4001. In 2011 he moved the business and rebranded it. Together with wife Debra, they changed the corporate image and their website to better reflect the successful company Lawrence Cleaning had become.

Debra reveals that her focus “is to work in partnership with Paul, continuing to build the business by adding value to our services.”  “The family will always maintain regular communication with clients, offer a fit-for-purpose workforce, enhance accountability and innovate to improve quality while still reducing costs” she promises. “This provides continuity and the best possible value for money.”

 The secrets of their success

Offering commercial and office cleaning, school and public sector cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning, janitorial/washroom supplies and  grounds maintenance, the firm is certainly kept busy.

They boast a formidable list of longstanding employees and customers, the majority attained through referrals., continue to add new clients monthly whilst retaining existing ones.

RN Williams, Solicitors of Wolverhampton has been a client for 26 years and Distrupol has been with them for 24 years. They’ve looked after accountants Muras Baker Jones for 33 years. Senior Partner Martin Parker notes “Lawrence Cleaning have been our Contract Cleaners for the last 33 years, a recommendation in itself. They have a strong desire to ensure we are satisfied with the quality of the service given and the continuity of staff is most appreciated.”

Their solid foundation for continued growth and success include six core values : the firm’s strong family ethos, high standards in every aspect of the business, well trained staff -hired for a can do attitude, keen attention to detail, friendly personalised service, and the forging of lasting relationships.

Lawrence Cleaning is a true champion of local business in the West Midlands.

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School cleaning through the summer

Schools out for summer’ sings Alice Cooper confirming that this long awaited holiday is always a welcome break for pupils and teachers alike.. For cleaning companies like Lawrence Cleaning, it is an opportunity for their cleaning staff to clean away the remnants of the past year and prepare for the new academic year.

It is a time when everyday building maintenance can be put on hold as deep clean jobs and classroom overhauls take place along with major projects that may have waited all year. Here are a few tips to help ensure your school is ready for the new term:

The best place to start with most large cleaning projects is a cleaning plan of duties. It is important to take care that the deep cleaning requirements such as floor care work, deep cleans to kitchens and toilet facilities are completed before pupils return.

Of course many schools use the summer break for major building projects to take place, with a tight timescale at the end of it for the cleaning companies to send in their staff. Communication and agreement on finish times between building contractors and the cleaning services provider will go some way to ensure a clean and safe school environment for the start of the new year.

Take the opportunity to clean and organise storage areas and clear out old stock Clean, shiny kitchens keep the school in good standing with inspectors, whilst clean, tidy staff rooms will resonate with teachers. Change light bulbs, strip/refinish floors and address heavy duty maintenance tasks where specialist equipment is required to apply long term fixes.

Finally the holidays are a great time to review cleaning procedures and provide up to date training for the cleaning professionals. For the school it is a fresh start to a new academic year, encouraging pupils and teachers to take pride in their surroundings. First impressions count for visitors too, so a positive experience can only enhance the school’s reputation.

With the big clean established, areas can then be monitored more easily throughout the term to ensure the quality and delivery of cleaning services remains high.

Maybe we should change the song title to ‘Schools out, but cleaners are in for summer’- not quite as catchy, but a sign of the times. What do you think??

If you are associated with a school and want to know more-contact us /01902 663727



What makes a cleaning company super

Wikepedia states -Commercial cleaning is a broad term predominantly used by cleaning companies who earn an income by being contracted by individuals, businesses, or corporations to carry out cleaning jobs in a variety of premises. Cleaning companies can be found in virtually every town and city in the world, with a higher concentration in affluent regions.

So what makes a good cleaning company SUPER

Taking care of employees– this is critical to your success. It is the quality of their performance that determines the customer’s satisfaction. Treat them with respect and train them specifically for their site, don’t micromanage. Always look for ways to encourage them to do their best by regular contact and making them feel a valued member of the team.

Develop systems- provide a structure to work consistently and effectively, so it runs whether you are there or not. Create systems for every function of your cleaning business i.e operations, customer service, accounting and management. Regularly test that these systems are still functioning effectively.

Invest in customer service-the quality of your cleaning is important, but it is not everything. Work on building strong working relationships with clients which requires a serious commitment to customer service. Do not assume all is well and maintain regular contact to ensure you are delivering what they expect.

Control Labour costs– Labour is the biggest single expense that a cleaning company will encounter. Ensure that you have not underestimated the time taken to complete the tasks as this will impact on the quality of service provision, with the cleaners cutting corners to complete in their given time.

Turn work down– this sounds highly contentious but don’t take on every job. If you can’t make money on a job or if it is undesirable for any reason turn it down. It is better to focus your time and energy on profitable work you enjoy.

Make the changes that makes your company SUPER and memorable for all the right reasons.

At Lawrence Cleaning we invest our time in all of the above- Ensure you create the best environment for your staff and visitors – speak to us on 01902 663727  or  contact

Why poor sanitation ruins reputation

Today we live in a germ obsessed society-with reports from   Industry Facility Management Association (IFMA) that 69% of customers say that poor cleaning and a dirty bathroom lowers their opinion of the company. We  often over look personal hygiene of our staff unless bad practice is displayed right in front of us, and are often unaware of the harmful bacteria that surrounds us.

Hygiene is a 24/7 practice, but unfortunately we don’t all have the same hygiene standards.

Implementing better sanitation methods in your workplace   can teach people what is required to help prevent the  fast spread of germs and infection.   For example the  norovirus   stomach bug affects between 600,000 and 1 million people per year according to data from NHS. Not only can this virus stay alive on surfaces for several days it can live on the body for between 12 to 48 hours without detection.

WHY is prevention of infection better than cure?

The DWP estimates that sickness  days among  the working age  cost companies over 100 billion per year.By improving workplace hygiene it is within the employers power to reduce  the above figure by 13%- that is £13.7 billion or £700 per employee.

Poor cleaning standards and poor practice has a massive knock on effect to any industry.

Staff shortages can lead to a decrease in productivity,  bad service and a loss in takings

Customers may assume your workplace is unclean, leading them to have negative feelings towards your business in the future.

While responsible cleaning practices play a key role in  keeping facilities free from contamination, satisfactory washroom fixtures must be considered as a means to promoting hygiene.  Their appearance can affect the users  willingness to touch fixtures to wash and dry their hands if they feel the bathroom too soiled to use.

Good dispensers – that are sealed, lockable and wipeable can go some way by their delivery of either one shot of soap or one paper towel avoid a any risk of cross contamination. Available quite cheaply they can  enhance the look of the washroom and create an impression of hygiene.

Such is the importance placed on the standards of washroom facilities that The British Toliet Association have been working since the 1980’s acknowledging  outstanding toilet facilities by awarding The Loo of the Year Awards-to encourage hygiene in the workplace.

Next time you pay a visit- take a look around and see if your washroom facilities are helping maintain a healthy environment for your work force- .

If not – contact us for advice at 01902 663727


Get a feel good factor with a Thank you

People are our greatest asset” is an often repeated phrase throughout the business community.For many companies, especially within the cleaning industry, the cost of labour is one of it’s largest expenditures. Always a ‘hot topic’ for HR teams, it appears to be high on the government radar too, with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) working to develop new measures of national well being. The National Health Service (NHS) are promoting a Workplace Wellbeing Charter which focuses on three key areas: leadership, culture and communication.

We know from experience that in the cleaning industry, managing employee well being can be challenging. Based on client sites, and either working in small teams or alone, they often speak of being ‘the invisible workforce’. Workers speak of being the ‘ lowest of the low’ and can feel that the most basic values of fairness, dignity and respect are not extended to their positions.

How can we instigate changes? It is essential that staff have access to both training and support to carry out their role safely and effectively. A simple thank you can be an effective motivational tool and costs nothing. Well being in the workplace is not just about being nice to staff, it is focusing on the needs for fairness, dignity and respect plus delivering it by whatever means are available. A happy and motivated workforce is not only a more productive workforce, it can have a positive effect on the bottom line- by reducing sickness, absences and staff turnover.

At Lawrence Cleaning we focus from the outset of a new contract the importance of introducing the cleaning staff to our customer’s site by working with them side by side during the ‘blitz’ clean. Once the required standards have been established, and the on site training is complete, they are encouraged to make the job their own, knowing that they are well supported by the management team.

With on going training and a commitment from their managers to support them, Lawrence Cleaning  ensure our cleaners understand what is needed to manage our client’s expectations.

Our commitment to boost self esteem, develop confidence in their ability and support them so that we can eradicate the often heard statement ” I’m only the cleaner” -we want to hear -” I am your cleaner and proud of it ”

If you want to change the face of cleaning in your workplace visit

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Keeping staff safe this winter.

We all know that bacteria is becoming very resistant to antibiotics, but what about disinfectants? Are the antibacterial products we are using building up the resistance of bugs to create SUPERBUGS.

A recent Government report warns that some bugs are very close to being resistant to all antibiotics- the predicted MRSA was in the lead to be the first pan-resistant bug, but was pipped at the post by gonorrhea.

There is an ‘intrinsic’ resistance in some bugs, where their structure makes them tougher to kill, i.e C Diff’s ability to to form spores that are incredibly difficult to kill with chemicals. MRSA is very resistant to antibiotics but can easily be killed with disinfectant, so each bug has it’s own susceptibilities, it’s just knowing what they are. Acquired resistance arises through genetic mutation, which bacteria can swop as easily as kids swap football cards. The superbugs use these cards to instruct them on how to deal with different antibiotics, but can’t use the same technique to fight disinfectants.

Antibiotics have to be tolerated by the body, but disinfectants do not need to be subtle or specific, floor cleaner turns bacteria walls into soap- literally- and other disinfectants to blast bugs apart in a myriad of different ways. These superbugs will not develop a resistance to properly applied disinfectants because acquired resistance is genetic and dead things don’t mutate.

Simply if you want to keep ahead of the bugs, then the need for the correct use of the correct cleaning agents is imperative to keep your work force as healthy as possible this winter.  Lawrence Cleaning use scheduled cleaning  and quality products to keep bugs at bay. Colour coding ensures there is no cross contamination , so germs are not transferred . A quality cleaning service delivered by well trained cleaners will keep production up and staff absence down – so is it worth the investment ???.

For any advise contact  01902 663727

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How clean is your child’s school?

Take a look around your child’s school when you collect them or visit. First impressions – are they good or  not so great. These are the areas you see, so if they lack some care and attention, what is the rest of the building like?

Like any workplace, for people to respect it and take a pride in it, tidiness and cleanliness is a must. Schools can encourage the learning process and make it a positive experience for students and teachers alike. All employers should look toward good cleaning practices if only to keep down the spread of the dreaded ‘bug’ that tends to chop the workforce down in its tracks- costing £££’s in productivity and reduced quality in customer service.

Visitors judge you on your standards- if your toilets are a no go area what does that say about other areas of your business.- so how can you make changes ?

By employing an external cleaning contractor you are buying into their expertise. With their knowledge of scheduling and monitoring of cleaning standards- they should raise the level of cleaning to meet your expectations. Pass over HR problems, COSHH, Health & Safety issues and Insurance cover to your contractor, saving you time, money and worry. Cover by experienced staff for holiday times ensures no drop in standards, taking the stress away,so you can enjoy your holidays too.

These components, of course,are dependent upon choosing the right cleaning contractor. Check references and go for a company who you feel have the same work ethos as you do, as a successful working relationship in any part of your business is preferable to one that causes you extra headaches. A good contractor can add benefits with cost saving washroom supplies and access to new innovative machinery and cleaning products, making the responsibility of keeping a safe and clean workplace for your staff a simple and effective process.

Call for advice on 01902 663727- Lawrence Cleaning helping schools through out the Black Country and the West Midlands.

Nursery and school cleaning

Great schools need great cleaning- Lawrence Cleaning deliver !


At Lawrence Cleaning Limited we appreciate the need for schools and nurseries to have high quality cleaning standards for the health and safety of the children who learn and play in their environment. We also realise the importance and need for value for money, to ensure as much as possible goes into the children having the best education and enjoyment factor in their days as possible.

Our fully integrated cleaning services are available 6 days a week and our staff are more than happy to operate outside the school hours so learning is never interrupted. Our teams are highly trained and are always working to deliver the best and most efficient service possible. The staff we employ to work in schools and nurseries are fully vetted and DBS checked so you can be safe in the knowledge that all students and children will be safe around our cleaners. We strive…

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Grand Theatre sparkles as Lawrence Cleaning joins business club

Dudley-based Lawrence Cleaning is the latest company to join Wolverhampton Grand Theatre’s Business Club.

The commercial cleaning company joined the Business Club to support the theatre in its charitable status and show support for its vision.

Lawrence Cleaning will be using the benefits of their membership for corporate entertaining and to treat staff members, as well as hosting meetings.

Grand Theatre Business Club membership includes an allocation of tickets to shows, use of the function rooms and private booths, as well as advertising in the theatre.

The Grand has employed the services of Lawrence Cleaning since October 2016.

Paul Lawrence, Director of Lawrence Cleaning, has been involved in amateur dramatics productions at the Grand Theatre for more than 30 years.  He said: “Lawrence Cleaning is proud to be part of the Grand Theatre Business Club, proud to be the Grand Theatre’s cleaners and proud of our team working there.

“As a third-generation family, West Midlands-based business, it’s important for us to support the local arts scene.  We believe that the theatre is for everyone, not just the elite.  The Grand has been the setting for some of our happiest memories and I’ve had the pleasure of acting and conducting here.  We are therefore delighted to be able to give back to the theatre, especially in supporting its charity aspect.  We want to encourage all families to go there to create their own special memories.”

Vicky Price, Associate Director of Development and Communications said: “We are delighted that Lawrence Cleaning has joined the Business Club.  They provide a fantastic cleaning service for the Grand and we are glad that we can support their growth and development through the Business Club.”

For more information about the Business Club, please contact Vicky Price on / 01902 57 33 20.

For great cleaning contact  Deb Lawrence on 01902 663727


Quality staff clean up..

We look after Lawrence Cleaning staff – so  that they in turn look after Lawrence Cleaning clients –

Christine’s  testimony

They are an excellent family company to work for, providing high standards  of care for both customers and staff. I feel a valued member of the Lawrence cleaning team, and the customer Griffiths & Pegg are always appreciative of the efficient friendly service we provide them

Christine Hayes  2-6-2017 – ( employed for 7  years)

All staff  our staff are directly employed by Lawrence Cleaning Ltd- they have their own sites so that a good working relationship of trust and understanding develops.

Staff are  site specifically trained to ensure that they understand the needs and requirements of your individual site.- ensures confidence and site work practices.

They are  evaluated prior to employment  by a rigorous interview process and then matched to individual sites- personality to suit clients workplace- creating harmony not discord.

Staff are fully DBS checked where required – ensures safety processes are adhered to.

Contract Managers are allocated to each site – building a good working relationship

Clients have direct  access for contact- as do cleaning staff –  creates a quick response and proactive attitude.

Regular audits and reporting to designated person to suit client – confirming our commitment to quality – verified and reported

Mobile staff – trained for specific coverage- delivers consistent high standards of cleaning

Fully uniformed staff who are continuously assessed for performance with ongoing training & development- they represent not only our company but yours.

Employee engagement is a priority.  All staff are appreciated and receive birthday cards, Christmas cards,  and messages of thanks when deserved. Praise where praise is due – what we as human beings need to feel respected and appreciated


For more information – contact us at – 01902 663727

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