Get a feel good factor with a Thank you

People are our greatest asset” is an often repeated phrase throughout the business community.For many companies, especially within the cleaning industry, the cost of labour is one of it’s largest expenditures. Always a ‘hot topic’ for HR teams, it appears to be high on the government radar too, with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) working to develop new measures of national well being. The National Health Service (NHS) are promoting a Workplace Wellbeing Charter which focuses on three key areas: leadership, culture and communication.

We know from experience that in the cleaning industry, managing employee well being can be challenging. Based on client sites, and either working in small teams or alone, they often speak of being ‘the invisible workforce’. Workers speak of being the ‘ lowest of the low’ and can feel that the most basic values of fairness, dignity and respect are not extended to their positions.

How can we instigate changes? It is essential that staff have access to both training and support to carry out their role safely and effectively. A simple thank you can be an effective motivational tool and costs nothing. Well being in the workplace is not just about being nice to staff, it is focusing on the needs for fairness, dignity and respect plus delivering it by whatever means are available. A happy and motivated workforce is not only a more productive workforce, it can have a positive effect on the bottom line- by reducing sickness, absences and staff turnover.

At Lawrence Cleaning we focus from the outset of a new contract the importance of introducing the cleaning staff to our customer’s site by working with them side by side during the ‘blitz’ clean. Once the required standards have been established, and the on site training is complete, they are encouraged to make the job their own, knowing that they are well supported by the management team.

With on going training and a commitment from their managers to support them, Lawrence Cleaning  ensure our cleaners understand what is needed to manage our client’s expectations.

Our commitment to boost self esteem, develop confidence in their ability and support them so that we can eradicate the often heard statement ” I’m only the cleaner” -we want to hear -” I am your cleaner and proud of it ”

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Keeping staff safe this winter.

We all know that bacteria is becoming very resistant to antibiotics, but what about disinfectants? Are the antibacterial products we are using building up the resistance of bugs to create SUPERBUGS.

A recent Government report warns that some bugs are very close to being resistant to all antibiotics- the predicted MRSA was in the lead to be the first pan-resistant bug, but was pipped at the post by gonorrhea.

There is an ‘intrinsic’ resistance in some bugs, where their structure makes them tougher to kill, i.e C Diff’s ability to to form spores that are incredibly difficult to kill with chemicals. MRSA is very resistant to antibiotics but can easily be killed with disinfectant, so each bug has it’s own susceptibilities, it’s just knowing what they are. Acquired resistance arises through genetic mutation, which bacteria can swop as easily as kids swap football cards. The superbugs use these cards to instruct them on how to deal with different antibiotics, but can’t use the same technique to fight disinfectants.

Antibiotics have to be tolerated by the body, but disinfectants do not need to be subtle or specific, floor cleaner turns bacteria walls into soap- literally- and other disinfectants to blast bugs apart in a myriad of different ways. These superbugs will not develop a resistance to properly applied disinfectants because acquired resistance is genetic and dead things don’t mutate.

Simply if you want to keep ahead of the bugs, then the need for the correct use of the correct cleaning agents is imperative to keep your work force as healthy as possible this winter.  Lawrence Cleaning use scheduled cleaning  and quality products to keep bugs at bay. Colour coding ensures there is no cross contamination , so germs are not transferred . A quality cleaning service delivered by well trained cleaners will keep production up and staff absence down – so is it worth the investment ???.

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How clean is your child’s school?

Take a look around your child’s school when you collect them or visit. First impressions – are they good or  not so great. These are the areas you see, so if they lack some care and attention, what is the rest of the building like?

Like any workplace, for people to respect it and take a pride in it, tidiness and cleanliness is a must. Schools can encourage the learning process and make it a positive experience for students and teachers alike. All employers should look toward good cleaning practices if only to keep down the spread of the dreaded ‘bug’ that tends to chop the workforce down in its tracks- costing £££’s in productivity and reduced quality in customer service.

Visitors judge you on your standards- if your toilets are a no go area what does that say about other areas of your business.- so how can you make changes ?

By employing an external cleaning contractor you are buying into their expertise. With their knowledge of scheduling and monitoring of cleaning standards- they should raise the level of cleaning to meet your expectations. Pass over HR problems, COSHH, Health & Safety issues and Insurance cover to your contractor, saving you time, money and worry. Cover by experienced staff for holiday times ensures no drop in standards, taking the stress away,so you can enjoy your holidays too.

These components, of course,are dependent upon choosing the right cleaning contractor. Check references and go for a company who you feel have the same work ethos as you do, as a successful working relationship in any part of your business is preferable to one that causes you extra headaches. A good contractor can add benefits with cost saving washroom supplies and access to new innovative machinery and cleaning products, making the responsibility of keeping a safe and clean workplace for your staff a simple and effective process.

Call for advice on 01902 663727- Lawrence Cleaning helping schools through out the Black Country and the West Midlands.

Nursery and school cleaning

Great schools need great cleaning- Lawrence Cleaning deliver !


At Lawrence Cleaning Limited we appreciate the need for schools and nurseries to have high quality cleaning standards for the health and safety of the children who learn and play in their environment. We also realise the importance and need for value for money, to ensure as much as possible goes into the children having the best education and enjoyment factor in their days as possible.

Our fully integrated cleaning services are available 6 days a week and our staff are more than happy to operate outside the school hours so learning is never interrupted. Our teams are highly trained and are always working to deliver the best and most efficient service possible. The staff we employ to work in schools and nurseries are fully vetted and DBS checked so you can be safe in the knowledge that all students and children will be safe around our cleaners. We strive…

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Grand Theatre sparkles as Lawrence Cleaning joins business club

Dudley-based Lawrence Cleaning is the latest company to join Wolverhampton Grand Theatre’s Business Club.

The commercial cleaning company joined the Business Club to support the theatre in its charitable status and show support for its vision.

Lawrence Cleaning will be using the benefits of their membership for corporate entertaining and to treat staff members, as well as hosting meetings.

Grand Theatre Business Club membership includes an allocation of tickets to shows, use of the function rooms and private booths, as well as advertising in the theatre.

The Grand has employed the services of Lawrence Cleaning since October 2016.

Paul Lawrence, Director of Lawrence Cleaning, has been involved in amateur dramatics productions at the Grand Theatre for more than 30 years.  He said: “Lawrence Cleaning is proud to be part of the Grand Theatre Business Club, proud to be the Grand Theatre’s cleaners and proud of our team working there.

“As a third-generation family, West Midlands-based business, it’s important for us to support the local arts scene.  We believe that the theatre is for everyone, not just the elite.  The Grand has been the setting for some of our happiest memories and I’ve had the pleasure of acting and conducting here.  We are therefore delighted to be able to give back to the theatre, especially in supporting its charity aspect.  We want to encourage all families to go there to create their own special memories.”

Vicky Price, Associate Director of Development and Communications said: “We are delighted that Lawrence Cleaning has joined the Business Club.  They provide a fantastic cleaning service for the Grand and we are glad that we can support their growth and development through the Business Club.”

For more information about the Business Club, please contact Vicky Price on / 01902 57 33 20.

For great cleaning contact  Deb Lawrence on 01902 663727


Quality staff clean up..

We look after Lawrence Cleaning staff – so  that they in turn look after Lawrence Cleaning clients –

Christine’s  testimony

They are an excellent family company to work for, providing high standards  of care for both customers and staff. I feel a valued member of the Lawrence cleaning team, and the customer Griffiths & Pegg are always appreciative of the efficient friendly service we provide them

Christine Hayes  2-6-2017 – ( employed for 7  years)

All staff  our staff are directly employed by Lawrence Cleaning Ltd- they have their own sites so that a good working relationship of trust and understanding develops.

Staff are  site specifically trained to ensure that they understand the needs and requirements of your individual site.- ensures confidence and site work practices.

They are  evaluated prior to employment  by a rigorous interview process and then matched to individual sites- personality to suit clients workplace- creating harmony not discord.

Staff are fully DBS checked where required – ensures safety processes are adhered to.

Contract Managers are allocated to each site – building a good working relationship

Clients have direct  access for contact- as do cleaning staff –  creates a quick response and proactive attitude.

Regular audits and reporting to designated person to suit client – confirming our commitment to quality – verified and reported

Mobile staff – trained for specific coverage- delivers consistent high standards of cleaning

Fully uniformed staff who are continuously assessed for performance with ongoing training & development- they represent not only our company but yours.

Employee engagement is a priority.  All staff are appreciated and receive birthday cards, Christmas cards,  and messages of thanks when deserved. Praise where praise is due – what we as human beings need to feel respected and appreciated


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Black Country experts clean up-


Black Country experts clean up-

Leading the way – The cleaning management experts Lawrence Cleaning are cleaning up in the Black Country.

With a very successful 2016, the Dudley based company are pleased to have secured new cleaning contracts of many high profile companies throughout the year.

Incorporated  in 1983, they  are a thriving third generation family commercial cleaning business. Building upon their strong family values,  they  work together with their well trained staff  to create a positive, clean and healthy  working environment for the staff and visitors of their clients.

Their friendly and approachable manner makes them easy to deal with and many clients have been with them for over 15 years.  Director Deb Lawrence says “communication is the key . Once we understand the specific needs of the client we can progress to set up schedules and timings to deliver the agreed cleaning services. Cleaning is not generic- what is priority to a school would not be the same for a manufacturer.”

By investing in their staff and hiring for attitude they encourage commitment, accountability and a responsibility to deliver their best.  “ Our staff are our biggest investment” says Paul Lawrence MD, we understand that with our support and a site specific  training programme they are encouraged to give their best at all times. Their colleagues who cover for absences and holidays are also introduced on to the site by the manager so a consistent  quality of cleaning is maintained.

All in all the company is expanding rapidly, but has not lost sight that reputation and trust in the cleaning sector are all important, and the best recommendation  is ‘word of mouth’.  To that end they continue to restore faith in people who have suffered  poor experiences with other  contract cleaners.

Their  mission is ‘To become the West Midlands foremost commercial cleaning company. Recognised as an inspiring and respected cleaning company who are renowned for excellent cleaning services, delivered through their people, performance and partnerships.’

By working with them you will find that

~ Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference~

Contact them either on 01902 663727 for a no obligation quotation – or

Lawrence Cleaning shines in positive partnership

Black Country Chamber of Commerce is celebrating Lawrence Cleaning as Member of the Week after the family run cleaning firm recently achieved a 30% increase in annual turnover, which they aim to double over the course of the next two years. In addition, this growth in turnover is complimented by an increase in staffing levels, which have grown by 12% to just under 200 cleaning staff.

Based in Dudley, Lawrence Cleaning provide quality commercial cleaning services to a variety of clients throughout the West Midlands, from education and training providers through to manufacturing companies and healthcare practices. As a business, Lawrence Cleaning pride themselves upon a set of core values and principles that they instil within their staff, which ultimately enables them to consistently exceed their clients’ expectations. These principles are further substantiated by the fact that the company do not rely on agency staff, instead employing cleaners directly in order to maintain their reputation and ensure consistency.

Debra Lawrence, Sales and Marketing Director at Lawrence Cleaning, commented: “Lawrence Cleaning are delighted with the increases in both turnover and staff over the last year. Much of our success is down to staff engagement. We employ staff for their positive attitude and work ethic, then teach cleaning skills and all that it encompasses. We feel that if we look after our staff, they will look after our clients in the way that we want them to, and it is a win-win situation. As we move into 2017, our ambitions for growth in both turnover and staff will continue along an upward trajectory.”

“With regards to the Black Country Chamber, we have found that being a member of The Platinum Group Service Sector has been invaluable to us as a business, essentially giving us the confidence to manage our growth ambitions in a structured and effective manner. The support that we have received from other members within The Group, as well as Gail Arnold and Jayne Shields, has proven to be a great asset to us and is certainly one of the best investments we have made as a business in recent years. In particular, being a member of The Platinum Group has helped us to raise our profile in the community and form strong business connections with other like-minded local companies, whilst being able to share best practice in a confidential setting.”

Black Country Chamber of Commerce wants to support businesses to grow and succeed, and Member of the Week is an initiative to celebrate the great work that our members are doing and to highlight the success stories in the local area.

Contact Lawrence Cleaning on 01902 663727

If you would like more information about Black Country Chamber of Commerce membership, please contact us on 0330 024 0820 or visit For more information about Lawrence Cleaning please visit  

Family values make Lawrence Cleaning great.

We are family’ – great title for a song- but is it a great idea to be in business with your nearest and dearest?

The definition of a ‘Family Business’ is described as ‘ the family’ owning the significant share and being the main influencer in important decisions.

Although building and maintaining a family business can be a complex and difficult task, there are 204,098 of these businesses making up 52% of West Midlands business in total- contributing £81 billion to the UK exchequer annually.

Poor survival rates are often the results of family issues including intergenerational conflicts, relationship/emotional stress and sibling rivalry. Indeed according to Joseph Astrachon, editor of Family Business Review, a mere 30% of family run business survive to be run by 2nd generation , whilst only 10% by a third.

So what elements go towards making family firms successful ?

Common values – similar ethos and beliefs on how things should be done, with an extra sense of pride and purpose to give a competitive edge.

Strong Commitment- more likely to put in extra hours and effort needed to build a successful and lasting family enterprise as it is emotionally charged.

Loyalty – sticking together through hard times due to the impact business makes on family life. Also it is more of a life style business than an occupation- not so easy to just walk out to get a job.

Stability – a long term view to build growth for future generations- making decisions in house rather than including investors who want to make a quick profit.

Decreased costs- family will often make financial sacrifices and defer their wages in a cash flow crisis, in order to stabilise the business for future growth.

A successful approach is when roles held by everyone are specified and committed to paper, with information on everything from job descriptions to performance goals and compensation covered in detail.

At Lawrence Cleaning, we are a third generation family run firm, one of the many family run businesses that make up the backbone of the UK economy . Proud of our heritage as a Black Country business with the next generation waiting in the wings -we are proud of our 34 year history. By building upon an existing strong foundation, we are destined to rank among those with long term viability, and future growth.

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Great dental surgery cleaning-stops you feeling ‘down in the mouth’

Dental Surgery Cleaning

Dental practices need to demonstrate that they provide and maintain a clean and appropriate environment that facilitates the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has recently tightened their regulations. Dental practices, hospitals and doctors surgeries must meet the CQC standards in order to become registered. If a healthcare surgery does not comply with these required standards, the CQC has the authority to prevent it from operating.

At Lawrence Cleaning, our trusted staff will create and maintain a safe and hygienic  environment for your patients and staff. By working to scheduled and detailed  cleaning schedules, which  are tailored to suit exact requirements and guarantees to mitigate the threat of harmful germs and bacteria.

Our highly skilled team of qualified cleaners has extensive experience in working with colour coded equipment and high quality products that are proven to prevent cross contamination and control infection.

Lawrence Cleaning provides the ideal cleaning solution. We work closely with you to create a cleaning programme that satisfies your specific requirements, without any disruption to your working schedule.

Lawrence Cleaning customers are guaranteed:

  • Well trained uniformed staff- employed by ourselves ensuring quality holiday and absence cover
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring and regular audits- to ensure best cleaning standards are constant
  • Staff fully trained in COSHH & Health and Safety- and flexible to surgery requirements
  • Quality products with anti bac agents and colour coded equipment to prevent cross infection

Get Best value for money cleaning- specifically tailored to be a practical solution for surgeries.

For a free consultation to discuss your cleaning requirements visit  and let us help you to give your customers  the best experience possible.

Advise or a no obligation quotation – call us on 01902 663727